Quality Assurance

At Daam Galvanizing, our goal is to provide our customers with galvanized steel that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our unmatched commitment to quality guides every facet of our operations — from start to finish.

  • We were the second galvanizing plant in North America to be certified by the Quality Management Institute as a corrosion protection coatings company.
  • Our quality assurance program satisfies the requirements of CSA CAN 3 – Z299.4-85. (Q.M.I. file #000646).
  • Our complete range of testing and monitoring equipment and our dedicated, on-staff Quality Control Manager ensures that all of our products meet the requirements of ASTM A123, as well as our internal standards and specifications.

We’re proud to not only provide the highest quality products and services, but also to have implemented a proactive program to guarantee that it stays that way.