When galvanizing an assembly that incorporates moving parts, the design must accommodate for the additional zinc coating thickness. These considerations include:

  • A radial clearance of no less than 1/8″ (3 mm) must be allowed to ensure full freedom of movement after the addition of zinc during galvanizing.
  • If possible, hinges should be supplied separately so they can be bolted to the assembly after galvanizing.
  • Hinges should be of the loose-pin variety, so pinholes can be cleared of excess zinc during assembly.
  • It’s recommended that an undersized pin be used to compensate for the additional zinc.

Please note that you may have to reheat moving parts in order for them to work freely. This may cause discoloration of the galvanized coating near the reheated area, but it doesn’t affect the corrosion protection of the galvanized surface.