Daam Galvanizing specializes in the metallizing of steel. Also known as thermal spraying, metallizing is a proven, highly effective, long-term method of corrosion protection.


Metallizing is a process that begins with the melting of zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy metals. The molten zinc particles are then rapidly propelled onto the steel, creating a layered coating. Depending on the atmospheric conditions and coating life requirements, any thickness of coating can be specified with the typical range falling between 100-300 microns (4-12 mils).


Before application begins, the steel must undergo abrasive blasting to remove all paint, rust and mill scale. Abrasive blasting provides an anchor profile that permits a sound, mechanical bond with the alloy metal.


Once abrasive blasting is complete, metallizing can be executed using either of the following applications methods:

Method Usage Process
Gas Flame Gun To repair damaged galvanized coatings and to coat small jobs where overspray is a concern. Combustible gas is used to melt a single wire. Compressed air then blows the atomized particles onto the steel’s surface.
Arc-Spray To meet the demands of large jobs that require a considerable amount of zinc deposited at a rapid rate to meet delivery commitments. The arc-spray gun simultaneously feeds two electrically charged wires into an arc. This melts the zinc, and compressed air then blows the particles onto the steel’s surface.

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Repair and Maintenance

Metallizing offers the ideal alternative to stripping the member and re-galvanizing when repairs are required to existing erected structures. Daam Galvanizing can perform repairs on-site, adhering to the practices and standards outlined in ASTM A780 method A3.