Abrasive Blasting

With over sixty years of experience, DAAM Galvanizing offers start-to-finish solutions for all of your galvanizing needs. This includes abrasive blasting capabilities, which ensure your steel surface is appropriately cleaned and prepped prior to galvanization. There’s no need to ship your pipe or steel out to be abrasively blasted, as we provide our customers with the ease of complete surface preparation.


During galvanizing, the steel is coated with corrosion-inhibiting zinc, forming a metallurgical bond. This bond can only take place if all surfaces are entirely clean. If there’s a shellac coating present on the pipe or if paint is on the steel’s surface, abrasive blasting is required. As the name suggests, abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a high-pressure stream of abrasive material to clean and smooth the steel’s exterior surface.


Daam Galvanizing has installed an environmentally friendly, self-contained abrasive blasting enclosure, which measures 48’-0” L x 14’-0” W x 14’-0” H. Offered exclusively from our Edmonton location to address the demand for pre-galvanized surface preparation, we commonly process the following materials:

  • Pipe spools
  • Single random pipe
  • Pipe weldments
  • Pipe handrail
  • Instrument stands
  • Pipe bollards
  • Painted steel
  • B7, L7 and 2H material

Due to the superior design of our blasting enclosure, we have the capability to assist you with a wide range of abrasive blasting needs. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

If you can have questions regarding pricing, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.